We are missionaries in Africa

Dear Brothers

From February 22-27, Major Superiors and Mission Coordinators of ACLA met in Claret Villa in Karen, Kenya. It was a very important moment for us, Claretians in Africa and we had delegates from Nigeria (East and West), D.R. Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Saint Charles Lwanga, Zimbabwe, Gabon and Mozambique. The beautiful words Karibu Sana from Fr John Francis, the Major Superior of Saint Charles Lwanga Delegation expressed the joy of the Claretians in this part of Africa to welcome us all.

We were in communion with the local Church of Nairobi. We were gratified by the visit of His Lordship Mgr David Kamau, Auxiliary Bishop of Nairobi. He presented to us the political, social and religious situation of Kenya. He recognized with much gratitude the efforts made by religious in the Local Church. He also blessed us and wished us a fruitful mission.

We felt the presence of the entire Congregation through the paternal letter addressed to us by Father General. We are really challenged to create a true Claretian culture, dynamism and availability to new horizons and possibilities in Africa. The letter remains for us a master piece. We thank Father General for these challenging but encouraging words.

We, the Claretians in Africa, present in seventeen countries, with a considerable number professed members from many different cultures, recognize our wonders and wounds as a Continent. We move with this era of technology and we reinforce our communication and information through the media. On this note, the project of the Website for our activities as Claretians in Africa is among the things we wish to assume together as a vehicle of relation among us.

We are, Claretians in Africa. We discover the need to continue establishing the values of the Charism of St. Anthony Mary Claret, in dialogue with the cultural values of the different traditions of this land. We renew our option for community life as an essential part of our lives. Our communities remain for us a place where wounds are healed and in which we discover the joy of fraternity. We need a leadership exercised from the spirit and the letter of our documents in service to the mission and to the brothers.

We are Missionaries, witnesses and messengers of the Joy of the Gospel as echoed by our 25th General Chapter. Our presence in this continent is enriched by the diversity of cultures, united under the umbrella of ‘claretianess’. We have inherited this plurality of cultures and we want to transmit it to our communities and to the whole Congregation. We opt for a holistic formation, aimed at responding to the multiple needs of the entire Church. We are blessed with vocations and we are committed to contribute generously to the universal mission of the Congregation.

We are Claretian Missionaries, born to evangelize like our founder, Saint Anthony Mary Claret. The Word of God is our main vehicle in our pastoral ministry. We evangelize within and outside the Congregation. We feel called to participate in the valorization of Consecrated Life in Africa. This for us can be done together through the Theological Institute for Consecrated life in Africa (TICLA). This institute is located in Abuja, Nigeria and it is owned by African Claretians.

We know and appreciate the concerns of the entire Congregation for our continent. This is seen by the interest shown by the General Government to conduct Canonical Visits in our Continent during this year. We want to be the light to the nations through our simple lifestyle. We wish to consolidate our sharing of goods and personnel.  We continue requesting the prayers of the entire Congregation as we work to spread the charism of our Founder in this beautiful continent of Africa.

Asante Sana

Done in Karen on the 25th of February 2017

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