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Saint Isidore the Farmer

(1070 – 1130)



He was born near Madrid to very poor parents. He was a labourer and later a bailiff on the estates of a landowner called Juan de Vargas. He was noted for his piety. He died on 15 May 1130.

Entrance Antiphon: Ps 46: 2           

All peoples, clap your hands. Cry to God with shouts of joy, alleluia.


Graciously grant to your Church, O merciful God, that, gathered by the Holy Spirit,

she may be devoted to you with all her heart and united in purity of intent. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

First reading : Acts 20:28-38

Paul addressed these words to the elders of the Church of Ephesus: ‘Be on your guard for yourselves and for all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you the overseers, to feed the Church of God which he bought with his own blood. I know quite well that when I have gone, fierce wolves will invade you and will have no mercy on the flock. Even from your own ranks there will be men coming forward with a travesty of the truth on their lips to induce the disciples to follow them. So be on your guard, remembering how night and day for three years I never failed to keep you right, shedding tears over each one of you. And now I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace that has power to build you up and to give you your inheritance among all the sanctified. ‘I have never asked anyone for money or clothes; you know for yourselves that the work I did earned enough to meet my needs and those of my companions. I did this to show you that this is how we must exert ourselves to support the weak, remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, who himself said, “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.”’ When he had finished speaking he knelt down with them all and prayed. By now they were all in tears; they put their arms round Paul’s neck and kissed him; what saddened them most was his saying they would never see his face again. Then they escorted him to the ship.

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 67:29-30,33-36

R/           Kingdoms of the earth, sing to God.

Show forth, O God, show forth your might, your might, O God, which you have shown for us. For the sake of your temple high in Jerusalem may kings come to you bringing their tribute.

Kingdoms of the earth, sing to God, praise the Lord who rides on the heavens, the ancient heavens. He thunders his voice, his mighty voice. Come, acknowledge the power of God.

His glory is on Israel; his might is in the skies. God is to be feared in his holy place. He is the Lord, Israel’s God. He gives strength and power to his people. Blessed be God!

Gospel Acclamation : Mt28:19,20

Alleluia, alleluia! Go, make disciples of all the nations. I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.  Alleluia!

Gospel : John 17:11-19

Jesus raised his eyes to heaven and said: ‘Holy Father, keep those you have given me true to your name, so that they may be one like us. While I was with them, I kept those you had given me true to your name. I have watched over them and not one is lost except the one who chose to be lost, and this was to fulfil the Scriptures. But now I am coming to you and while still in the world I say these things to share my joy with them to the full. I passed your word on to them, and the world hated them, because they belong to the world no more than I belong to the world. I am not asking you to remove them from the world, but to protect them from the evil one. They do not belong to the world any more than I belong to the world. Consecrate them in the truth; your word is truth. As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world, and for their sake I consecrate myself so that they too may be consecrated in truth.’

Prayer over the Offerings 

Accept, O Lord, we pray, the sacrifices instituted by your commands, and through the sacred mysteries, which we celebrate as our dutiful service, graciously complete the sanctifying work by which you are pleased to redeem us. Through Christ our Lord.

Communion Antiphon: Jn 15: 26-27            

When the Paraclete comes, whom I will send you, the Spirit of Truth who proceeds from the Father, he will bear witness to me, and you also will bear witness, says the Lord, alleluia.

Prayer after Communion 

May our partaking of this divine Sacrament, O Lord, constantly increase your grace within us, and, by cleansing us with its power, make us always ready to receive so great a gift. Through Christ our Lord.


Jesus prays for his apostles, whom he will entrust with leading his Church. In the same way, Paul advises the elders of the Church of Ephesus, urging them to watch over the flock entrusted to their care and pray with them. The leaders of the Church have the difficult task of providing for the spiritual needs of Christians. They must teach them sound doctrine and cultivate the love of the Word of God. They have to govern them and get them to live and work together in love and unity. They have to sanctify them by giving them the sacraments. In addition, they have to show them the example of a holy life. Let us pray for them so that they may accomplish their mission faithfully.